Improve fitness levels of the employees in your company by participating in this year’s Irish Life Health’s Workplace Fitness Challenge taking place from May 22nd to June 30th. Register your company before May 19th 2017!

What is the Workplace Fitness Challenge?

Developed by Irish Life Health in conjunction with Professor Niall Moyna and Dr. Sarah Kelly from DCU, the challenge is a six week programme where all employees, regardless of current fitness levels, can improve their level of fitness through simple, attainable adjustments to their lifestyle. Whether that’s taking the stairs instead of the lift or going for that lunchtime walk.

Why is this important?

Healthier employees are more capable, engaged, productive and happy and it’s crucial that all of us provide the opportunities and encouragement to build exercise into the working day.
This challenge is not just about finding Ireland’s Fittest Company. It’s an all-inclusive programme where we will also be rewarding the company who makes the greatest progress (the biggest MET mover). The Award Categories include: Ireland’s Fittest Workplace, Most Improved Large Company, Most Improved Mid-Sized Company and Most Improved Small Company.

How do I get Started?

Simply email and who will tell you how to register your company, you will then receive an information pack to get your company started.
And remember – it’s all FREE!

Yours sincerely,

Libby Downes



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